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The Go-To Mobile App for Managing Australian eScripts

The Go-To Mobile App for Managing Australian eScripts

If you’ve ever received an electronic prescription (eScript), you know the drill. Your eScript gets sent directly to your email or text messages, making it incredibly easy to lose or misplace among the chaos of daily digital communication. ScriptSafe offers a game-changing solution, providing a completely independent and secure space specifically designed for managing your eScripts.


Your eScripts, Your Control

ScriptSafe simplifies storing and retreiving eScripts a breeze. They aren’t tied to any pharmacy chain or platform—on your device, able to be filled at any pharmacy across Australia, large or small. Your prescriptions always go where you go, putting you in control at all times.


Security You Can Trust

ScriptSafe is designed from the ground up to be secure, offering robust end-to-end encryption for all your eScripts. Your privacy is our topmost priority, ensuring your eScripts are safe and separate from your other digital content.


Unbeatable Convenience and Usability

Designed for users of all ages and experience levels, ScriptSafe focuses on doing one thing exceptionally well—creating a easy to find, central location for your eScripts. Invite your doctor or pharmacist to send refills directly into ScriptSafe and get instant notifications upon arrival. Say goodbye to the era of misplaced or forgotten eScripts.


Real-Time Updates & Built-in Reminders

What sets ScriptSafe apart is its automated insight feature—meticulously extracting the number of available refills and expiry dates from your eScripts and organizing them for effortless viewing. Say goodbye to calendar reminders; ScriptSafe keeps you proactively informed, eliminating any room for oversight.


Cross-Device and Offline Access

Whether you’re on an iOS or Android device—or even using a web browser—your eScripts are always within reach. ScriptSafe’s seamless cross-platform syncing ensures that your prescriptions are as mobile and flexible as you are, giving you peace of mind and unparalleled accessibility.



ScriptSafe isn’t just an eScript management tool; it’s your ultimate eScript wallet. As a totally independent platform, it empowers you to manage your eScripts your way—securely and conveniently. Say goodbye to lost or misplaced prescriptions among texts and emails.

Ready to take control of your eScripts in a way you’ve never experienced? Download ScriptSafe from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store today.